What Are The Most In Demand Window Film For Homes

You can’t deny the fact that a window film offers numerous benefits to your home. If you’re looking to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your home adding a glass window film is a great choice. In fact, it’s an excellent choice that will give you value for your money. Aside from prettifying your home, the addition of window films offer added protection by effectively blocking out harmful UV rays that can damage your interiors. Since window films offer numerous benefits, it doesn’t come as a surprise why majority of homeowners are investing in it.

Adding a window tint is a practical solution that definitely won’t hurt your pockets. But how do you know which window film is best for your home? With the variety of window films available in the market, it can be hard to choose which one will fit your home perfectly. To help you decide we’ve rounded up some of the most common household glass films today:

Hybrid Films

As the name implies, hybrid films are a type of window film that is made of two different films, dyed and metalized. These two different films are bonded together using a laminated adhesive. Its tint is lighter compared to the other types but is still able to absorb and reflect light and heat. This makes it an effective solution to trap heat and keep the home warm throughout the winter days. Another benefit of a hybrid film is that it’s less expensive than metalized tints. It also protects the furniture in your home from discoloration and it’s able to last for many years.

Glare Reduction Film

If your problem is the annoying glare that comes from the sun while lounging and watching TV, then the glare reduction film is the perfect solution for you. This type of film provides homeowners protection from the dangerous glare of the sun and allows them to use their computers and gadgets without being interrupted by the sunlight directly hitting the screen.

UV Blocking Film

One of the greatest concerns of people is the harmful effect of UV rays on the skin. The UV blocking film provides homeowners with protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. While they may feel safe if they stay at home, it’s still not an assurance since there’s still a huge chance that the UV rays can penetrate through their plain windows. UV blocking films provide additional health benefits and reduce the fading of your furniture.

Privacy Frosted Window Film

Privacy and security are very important in any household. Privacy frosted windows provide a great alternative to curtains and blinds. It’s like a two-way mirror that works by completely blocking the view from the outside while still letting the homeowner see the view outside. Homeowners also opt for this type of window film because aside from privacy, it can also help enhance the look of their home decors. It lets the natural light come in and at the same time also blocks out UV rays from the sun, thereby, adding additional protection to the family.

Glass-Break Safety Film

One benefit of window films is its ability to preserve the glass of a window in case of breakage. Glass-break safety film, specifically, helps with this. It’s designed to prevent the glass from shattering and keeps the shards from causing personal injuries. Unlike standard films, safety and security films are made of a thicker polyester sheeting that effectively preserves the integrity of the glass even when it’s broken.

Although the glass will still break, the upside of this type of film is that it will keep the glass attached to the window. This is especially important in cases of break-ins. Glass-break safety films will make it difficult for intruders or burglars to trespass your home.

Investing in a Window Film is Worth Your Money

Window films are one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects you can do. However, choosing the best one for your home is crucial and requires due diligence. Your help you with the process, it’s better to ask the experts for their advice. They’re equipped with enough experience to know just what type of film best suits your home.

A Quick Window Tinting And Film Guide

Getting window tinting and film related work done is something you have to be smart about. First, you need to know who to hire that is going to be able to tint your windows properly. If the job is not done by a professional then the tint may not last or it may end up not looking right. You should always look for reviews on a window tinting service to learn more about them before you hire them. Don’t waste your money and time with a company that is not going to do good work because even if they are cheap you may have to get the work redone in the near future.

Know how dark you can make your windows in your area. If you’re getting your car’s windows tinted and they’re darker than what the law says you can have them, then you could get into trouble with the law. It’s best to learn a little more about what’s legal and what is not so you can stick with what you won’t get into trouble for. Sure, you may not get caught at first but you don’t want to take a risk and get tinting done that could land you in legal trouble eventually.